The Next (Predicable) Test SNAFU

Testing is key and it is expanding in the US and our community — finally! However, I believe that we need to integrate a “suspect” or clinical case definition as part of Influenza-like Illness (ILI) and COVID-19 surveillance. We want to track and trace all possible cases. ( Until we are responding to clinical COVID-19Continue reading “The Next (Predicable) Test SNAFU”

Guest lectures with Maine Public Health Association

Join Maine Public Health Association for a 10-part webinar series, funded generously through the New England Public Health Training Center. The webinar series starts with an Introduction to Public Health, including an overview of Maine’s public heath system, and roles and responsibilities in public health; then launches into more detail about disease outbreaks and surveillance. All events will have time for questions and answers, and are free and open to the public, except where indicated. The webinars are intended for a general audience, but even the most seasoned public health professional will glean new information! You may register for any or all of the webinars during the registration process

Make sure everyone counts: Change the way we define COVID-19

This is what the public health officials need to do to provide more order in this catastrophe and to more accurately reflect the size of the pandemic. Rather than only counting “confirmed” cases as we do in the U.S., we should adopt the COVID-19 case definitions recommended by WHO and the European CDC.  In thoseContinue reading “Make sure everyone counts: Change the way we define COVID-19”

Using Syndromic Surveillance to find the COVID-19 epidemic in front of us and behind us

Written by Helen Perry PhD and Sharon McDonnell MD MPH What is syndromic surveillance?  Public health surveillance is the use of data for action.  It is how we can monitor health problems that occur in our communities, states and countries.  Health care providers like many doctors, urgent care centers and hospitals participate in their State’sContinue reading “Using Syndromic Surveillance to find the COVID-19 epidemic in front of us and behind us”

How do we handle the world? – Everyday practices for COVID prevention

COVID-19 update I am writing this for our Emergency operations staff in the call center and for people delivering food in the community from the grocery store as well as all of us trying to find out how to live in this newly dangerous world. 1. Assume most COVID transmission happens by direct close contactContinue reading “How do we handle the world? – Everyday practices for COVID prevention”